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Translation attestation


A translated text is attested when its correspondence to the original source text is certified by an authorized person by way of an authentication clause. The attested translation is delivered together with the original source text and the signed and stamped authentication clause. The kind of attestation you need depends on what you need it for. Typically in Hungary, there are 3 different options:


Attested OFFI translation


The Hungarian National Office for Translation and Attestation (OFFI) – contrary to popular belief – only enjoys exclusive rights of translation attestation for certain documents such as certificates of good conduct, vital records (certificates of births, deaths and marriages) and recognition of academic credentials. Attested translations certified by OFFI are required for Hungarian public procurement and administrative procedures such as immigration, family reunification, marriage with foreign nationals, adoption, probate proceeding, change of name and first registration of imported vehicles. You also need to request an attested OFFI translation when the document has to be issued together with an apostille, since the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs only accepts OFFI translations for authentication. The rights and responsibilities of OFFI are regulated by Decree 24/1986 (VI. 26) of the Council of Ministers on translation and interpretation.


Attested TranzPress translation


Under Art. 3 (3) of Act CXLV of 1997, certified translators are entitled to provide attested translations into any of the official languages of the European Union of documents such as extracts from the register of companies, changes to registration and company documents, articles of association, minutes of shareholders’ meeting and notarized specimen signatures (Art 23/A of Act V of 2006). Since all of our staff translators are certified translators, we regularly provide attested translations of documents related to the register of companies for our clients.


Certified translation



Attested translations are only expressly required under Hungarian law in the case of certain documents. If you only need an authentication clause which certifies that the translation provided fully corresponds to the original source text, we can provide a certification attached to the translated document.


Foreign authorities and international agencies, companies, and other organizations generally accept translations with certification clause by translation agencies. Since OFFI prepares attested translations in a more expensive and slower manner than translation agencies operating in the business sector, it is worth considering whether a translation with certification clause provided by our agency would be sufficient for your needs.