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Our concept – “Translations ready for press” – hits the nail on the head when it comes to translating marketing, public relations and advertisement-related materials.


Localising such texts rules out verbatim translations. The translators have to be creative writers in their own right, who can make sure that the message gets through on the target market.


As global marketing and sales is expanding, transcreation is becoming an increasingly important genre within localisation. It is our conviction that the full message needs to be conveyed from one language to another, whilst remaining true to the original intent, style and tone of the source text.


Not only our translations themselves are ready-for-press. The target files are supplied in high quality, print-ready, DTP processed file formats.


Over the years, we have been working with major global media, public relations and communication agencies as Leo Burnett, Weber Shandwick or Sawyer Miller Group for several years. Furthermore, we regularly supply transcreation services to corporate communication departments of multinational companies as Nestlé, Nissan, UniCredit Bank, KIA Motors and Eni Hungária. We were responsible for full-scale brand localisation of the coffee manufacturing giant’s exclusive Nespresso brand, when it was launched in Budapest in 2005 – 2007.


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