SEO Translation

The objective of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is to get your website to the top of search engine rankings and obtain as much organic search results as possible. You do not want to optimize the page ranking of your source language webpage only. Your aim is to generate as much traffic on your foreign language webpage versions, as possible: you want visible target language content on the web.

SEO translation and localisation is what you need. SEO translation isn’t just conventional translation, but a methodology that ensures that your webcontent will be found by local, target language speaker users. SEO translation is done by our language experts who are knowledgeable in SEO tactics.  Their work focuses on the basic elements of SEO such as keywords, titles, script messages, tags and other attributes that improve the searchability of the client’s web page.

Our aim is that your localised webpage perform at least as good as your original source pages. Our language expert will work with a localisation approach adapting content on a cultural level in a spirit as if the target language pages were the source pages.