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Rólunk írták
"TranzPress provides us with professional translations of articles and essays on nutrition and food science. Their work is excellent: not just accurate, but of a very high standard stylistically speaking. Since we have complete confidence in TranzPress, we have now also entrusted them with the task of translating our newsletters."
Nestlé Hungária Zrt.
"We have been working with Tranzpress for about 3 years, and we are very satisfied with the work we do together: both the quality of their translations and their adherence to deadlines are much appreciated, as are the useful discussions we have about the various commissions. The fact that we are based in different countries and deal with various source languages never presents a problem – TranzPress takes it all in their stride."
Phoenix Contact A/S
"Their long-term cost-effective language solutions do not only involve translations but full-scale localisation service. This is why we have chosen TranzPress, and we do recommend them to anyone who does not want to end up doing translations themselves but leave it to a professional market player."
Xapt Hungary Kft
"TranzPress are very much at home with the translation technologies required for our ongoing localisation needs and cover the complete service chain for us – from translation to DTP. They are among our most reliable partners."
Phoenix Contact Sp. z o.o
"As a partner, TranzPress have proven to be flexible, accurate and totally reliable."
Nestlé Hungária Kft.
"We have been working with TranzPress for years now for the German – Swedish language pair. They are highly flexible when handling our translations, which are required at very short notice."
Phoenix Contact AB
"Since our company, Eni Hungaria, is a multinational corporation, so we have to do countless adaptations for the Hungarian language. Translating this material is not an easy task: a significant amount of professional and specialist texts are needed in order to provide clear messages to our clients. Proper translations and adaptations are indispensable if our communications are to be effective, and can only be produced with top-level professional skills. For such skills, we require the right people and there is no computer program, dictionary or other tool which can replace them. Based on our experiences, TranzPress has the right team with the right technical know-how for our translations and they have never let us down. I can recommend them to anyone 100%. "
Eni Hungaria Zrt.
"TranzPress is a highly reliable service provider for the Italian – Hungarian language pair. They have excellent localisation skills, and a very well thought out approach."
Keywords Italia Srl
"I contacted TranzPress more than 3 years ago for the translation of a relatively long specialist text. Their reliability, exact manners, flexibility and professional skills – all vital in the oil industry – impressed me from the start and we have been working together ever since. We rely on TranzPress not only for translation and proofreading, but since they have proven themselves, also for adaptation, graphic design and full-scale typographic and prepress works of PR and advertising materials."
Eni Hungaria Zrt.
"We appreciate TranzPress for their thorough approach. They never overpromise or underdeliver. Leave your translation project in their hands and you will have no regrets."
"Our cooperation with TranzPress started in the summer of 2006. We had been looking for a company which would offer affordable prices and high quality when carrying out the translation of technical texts from our construction company. Their work is supported by a unique construction terminology database, as well as by a qualified team with a strong technical background."
"We have been working with TranzPress since 2007 and the projects run smoothly and flawlessly. The translation agency is localising the E-shop content of Phoenix Contact's six innovative product lines, print publications and marketing, PR and web content on an ongoing basis. They are fast and highly reliable, delivering a premium category language service at competitive rates."
Phoenix Contact Kft.
"TranzPress localised the software of txtr e-book reader for us. They have a really professional approach to translation tasks and we will be staying with TranzPress in the future."
eKönyv Magyarország
"We worked with the TranzPress translator team for a number of language pairs within the EUROMATRIX project. They are highly reliable, keep to deadlines and deliver excellent service."
"It is their professional team, as much as the high quality services and the fact that they meet deadlines which has formed the basis of our lasting cooperation. Visits from TranzPress also help our companies to work together in a flexible fashion."
ENI Hungária Zrt.
"We worked with TranzPress on localising an extensive piece of digital educational content (animations, videos, games, texts, exercises, simulations, etc.). TranzPress provided us with full-scale localisation and professional (language and content) consultancy services throughout the whole project. We were really satisfied with the outcomes: the task not only required excellent translators, but also outstanding organization and communication skills, which Tranzpress has in abundance. They treated deadlines with utmost respect, met all the technical challenges head on and their response time to individual requests and questions was outstanding."
EDUWEB Multimédia Technology & Distance Learning CCo.
"Their systematic approach covers all areas, from the fast and professional confirmation of orders to the systematic archiving of completed translations. Since Blaupunkt represents a specialist industrial sector, additional services such as compiling a corporate termbase and language database have made a special contribution to the efficiency and high quality of translated texts."
Robert Bosch Kft
"We have been working with the TranzPress team for years and they always deliver excellent professional work on time."
Equilor Investment Ltd. - CEO
"We have contacted our contract partner, TranzPress Translation Agency, with a request for an extremely difficult technical text. The translation was completed by deadline and the quality was excellent, for which we would like to express our thanks once again."
UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt.
"As we are an international company, it is crucial for us to ensure that translated contracts are accurate (to avoid subsequent problems) and we can act promptly (to facilitate new deals). It’s taken many attempts, but now we have finally found a translation company which comes up with the appropriate service. I would like to thank TranzPress and wish us both success for the cooperation this year."
TeleDataCast Kft. - PlazmaMédia Kft.
"Our company has been working with TranzPress for several years. They always respond to our urgent requests quickly and send us translations on time. Their attitude is fair and customer-focused. We are also completely satisfied with the outstanding knowledge and attitude of the interpreters they provide for our conferences. Moreover, they prepare excellent automotive translations, which is a particularly important field for us. I absolutely recommend them to automotive companies, due to their experience in technical translation and their flexibility."
KIA Motors Hungary Kft.
"In accordance with our framework contract, TranzPress delivers high-level technical translations and proofreading services to Paks Nuclear Power Plant. They are familiar with the complex terminology used in our plant and they always meet deadlines."
Paksi Atomerőmű Zrt.
"We regularly order translations from TranzPress, so we know from experience that their work is reliable, prompt and consistent in use of terms and language."
"TranzPress Translation Agency has many strong points such as the good quality of translations, prompt response to requests, excellent customer service and strict adherence deadlines. We recommend them to you, too."
Ferry Contact Mérnökiroda és Képviseleti Kft.
"We have always involved TranzPress Translation Agency in our international activities. For us, TranzPress stands for: accurate and prompt work, reasonable prices and a friendly, customer-focused and professional team."
Relatív Reklámügynökség
"Our agency has found TranzPress to be a reliable and professional translation team, which has experience in several sectors. Other notable strengths are their proactivity and flexible customer service, adherence to deadlines and solution-focused approach to problems."
hat Integrált Márkakommunikációs Ügynökség Kft.
"We regularly work with TranzPress to adapt Suzuki publications, brochures and commercial scripts into English, Hungarian and sometimes Croatian, within the framework of advertisement and communication projects for a major customer – Magyar Suzuki Zrt. Over several years of cooperation, they have proved to have outstanding skills regarding written style and automotive terminology. They always deliver accurate translations on time. "
hat Integrált Márkakommunikáció