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Science is fun: localising educational software

In July 2011, we cooperated in the localisation of educational software, we completed the translation of 70,000 words of the curricula. The interactive tool called „yenka” is designed for high school students: it models experiments in virtual labs and of course helps learning that science is fun.

Finding the right tone for addressing students and maintaining scientific precision were equally important throughout the project. We have used our computer-aided translation tool called MemoQ as well as the learning software itself, and discussed terminology-related issues with the client in a dedicated newsgroup. Altogether eight university and high school teacher-translators, four in-house proof-readers and two project managers have contributed to the Hungarian version of the maths, chemistry and technology curricula.

Tackling tight deadlines

One of our banking clients, UniCredit Bank Hungary contacted us with a special request in November 2011. They needed the urgent English-Hungarian translation of a press release and related background material, altogether 17 pages (6300 source words). To compare, 3 days would be necessary for the translation in normal course of business. However, the communications department of the Bank had to publish a part of the Hungarian version on the same day and the remainder the following morning without any delay. The texts were provided in .pdf and .doc formats, so editing was also required. The work was completed by the requested deadlines with the help of our translation tool called MemoQ and owing to the fast and efficient work of 3 freelance partners and the contribution of 3 in-house colleagues.

Phoenix Contact: a yearly volume of 1,5 million words, into 5 languages, in print-ready Format

We are responsible for the ongoing translation of product catalogues in every product category for the connection and automation technology industry leader, Phoenix Contact GmbH. The complex project not only comprises the translation of 1.5 million words per year into five languages (Swedish, Danish, Polish, Russian and Hungarian), but also includes the press-ready delivery of catalogue files for all these languages. Across, the server-based translation tool is an indispensable help as it warrants the precise tracking and timely delivery of several thousand files. Successful project completion is in the most part due to the work of 3 project managers, 16 translators and proofreaders and our highly experienced printing partners. 

E-book localisation

Would you think it is exciting to be part of the launch of a brand new product? We certainly did, when eKönyv Magyarország Kft. contacted us in March 2010 with regard to the localisation project of their new e-book and e-reader offerings. Not only did we localise „txtr”, the e-reader software together with its iPhone and Android apps but we also provided the translation of eKönyv’s e-book store and website, plus a concluding functional testing of all tools and pages. Four enthusiastic localisation experts, two project managers, a CAT tool called MemoQ to ensure consistency of terminology over time and various translation file formats – the result is the first Hungarian language platform for the distribution of digitized content.

Localising SAP

Working for one of the biggest software corporations of the world is both a privilege and a continuous challenge. Our latest German > Hungarian SAP software localisation project involved a 50% average volume increase compared to previous monthly volumes. SAP online projects present special challenges in the first place as they are carried out in SAP’s own translation environment, require translators with a highly specialised knowledge and project managers with continuously updated technical skills and product-related knowledge. For this particular project, we had to train 2 new translators to join our group of experienced SAP translators. The new translators received comprehensive classroom training, then continuous supervision and quality feedbacks from our SAPTool trainers. This 5-month project required the highly coordinated work of 6 freelancers and 3 in-house translators, 2 project managers and 1 terminologist. 

The translation of technical specifications for the reconstruction of Liszt Ferenc International Airport

In 2008, we were commissioned by Közti Zrt. for the translation of technical documentation with the volume of more than 1,300 pages for the reconstruction of Liszt Ferenc International  Airport. The documentation included permit and construction plans from a range of different fields related to the construction of the SkyCourt building. These fields included but were not limited to demolition, construction, high voltage, low voltage, order of layers, facade. Due to the short deadline a staff of 4 (1 PM, 3 in-house experts) plus 12 external freelancers were involved in the project. We have completed the task using MemoQ translation environment, which had enabled us to pair high quality and consistent translations with extreme levels of cost efficiency. We are proud to have contributed to the reconstruction of Liszt Ferenc International Airport.

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