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State-of-the-art technological solutions underpin our daily routines. They also give a firm foundation for our ISO 9001:2009 quality assurance standards.



Translation memories – “eliminate translation waste and reduce cost”


Just as you can recycle glass, paper and cans, you can recycle your translation and cut costs by doing so. This is why we use a range of computer assisted translation tools such as SDL Trados, Across, Memoq, Idiom World Server and Alchemy Catalyst to store and retrieve translated segments in our localisation projects. These CAT tools reduce cost, enhance translation quality and improve efficiency.









Terminology extraction and management tools –consistent wording”


Customer and industry-specific glossaries and terminology lists ensure that wording is consistent and appropriate; Trados Term Extract, Metamorpho TermX are just a few mono- and bilingual terminology management tools used in our everyday work.












Translation management system – smooth and flawless workflow”


TranzPress has selected one of the industry-leader translation-oriented enterprise resource planning system on the market. This means that our translation projects can easily be followed up and tracked from date of assignment to final delivery. Our customers can easily search for source and target files, project details and order-related data.










TranzPress CRM – “on the same page”

Our web-based CRM solution is a free customer-relationship management system for all our Standard and Premium clients who want to track the status of the translation projects from RFP to final document delivery on a customizable, password protected interface. The dashboard allows for versioning and hosting of the translation lifecycle documents and also records all the project-specific information in an easily accessible and user-friendly environment. The software has a unique statistics module, which enables users to generate and view reports on their translation and localisation costs. Translation spend can be broken down to period, accounts and departments. You can also give account of the cost-efficiency level leveraged by our cutting-edge translation technology environment





Translation intelligence – “transparency and peace of mind”


We have integrated one of the market-leading business intelligence tools into our translation management system (TMS) to provide 100% transparency both in our internal operations and customer relations. Thanks to this translation intelligence framework, our key clients can now download reports on their translation spend and volumes broken down by department, language pair, service type, pricing etc.







TranzPress Quote Tool - "for a uniform, quick and efficient quoting process”


Our software supports quoting step by step and allows for historic searches in your quote database.