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Multimedia localisation



Multimedia localisation is one of the fastest growing branches of the language services industry. Global online and e-learning content is expanding unrelentingly, meaning that related services such as multilingual subtitling and voice-over assignments give us more and more challanges. 


Knowledge management and the information society have been key drivers behind worldwide economic and social development over the past decade. As a result, the market for education and training services is growing rapidly. We provide an array of services for e-learning, which is the largest market sector for multimedia localisation specialists.


The screenshots here are representative samples from the multimedia localisation services we have undertaken. They include the following:


    • language and document engineering
    • linguistic consultancy
    • project setup, preparation of document sets (source segmenting, tag definition, alignment etc.)
    • content localisation
    • multilingual subtitling
    • voice-over
    • functional and aesthetic testing and engineering