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DTP and prepress services



In many cases contents are translated to be print processed in the target languages. If your company needs to localise its catalogues or multilingual product specifications we will help your product hit the ground running.

Our DTP experts can take care of your document sets in Quark Xpress, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe FrameMaker or Adobe InDesign. You simply need to provide us with the source files and images, and we will supply you with a professional-standard print file. To correct the soft proof, all you need is Acrobat Reader 7.0, which you can download free from the web. We will take care of the rest!


Online-proof: rounds-for-proof on the web

Our company can make correcting and commenting on PDF documents easy for you, thanks to our online-proofreading software tools. Approval of creatives and round-for-proofs in a multi-user environment can also be managed via the Internet. These programmes are especially recommended for companies who have involved a number of suppliers in producing their printed material, but they are also invaluable to advertisement, creative and translation agencies.

Online proofing puts an end to the chaotic and anachronistic whirl of papers and faxes, when sending material round for approval. Using nothing more than an Internet connection and a web browser, you can record your notes and comments in large, high-resolution files. This handy tool is also capable of exchanging colour-exact proofs, putting paid to the need to send chromalins or download massive files to FTP servers.